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A view of the 1898 barn on the property. The beautiful mural was recently completed by local Fallbrook business, Jim’s Sign Shop.

Since moving to Fallbrook 5 years ago, Myrtle Creek Nursery has been the place I bring most of my out-of-town guests. Because it’s located just 10 minutes off the freeway, it’s a great place to meet or see guests off as they head home. Surrounded by ancient oaks, antique structures and a gift shop that is always decorated to match the season and glean ideas, it is simply a lovely place to unwind and take in nature.

Although I’ve always enjoyed visiting the property and buying locally-grown plants from the nursery, I was surprised with the recent changes on the property. If you haven’t visited Myrtle Creek in the last 8 months, you’re in for a treat. With the recent re-branding into a botanical garden, it seems everything has been taken up a notch: the grounds have expanded, the events and festivals have grown, the gift shop has been renovated and some furry friends have joined the family too!

I recently met up with Kent Harvey and Chase Leising who are in charge of marketing. Their passion and enthusiasm for the property is a good indicator for what lies ahead for Myrtle Creek. Here’s what they had to say:

Myrtle Berry Pie at Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens, Fallbrook.

Myrtle berry pie is famous in it’s own right! It’s available for purchase by full pie or slice.

Let’s start by talking about the property and the history behind it:

For approximately 100 years, it was a horse and cattle ranch. Some of the structures – such as the barn from 1898 and the hand-dug wells are still on the property today. When the Sherman family (who are descendants of General Sherman) bought the property 30 years ago, it was opened as a nursery. The oldest son took over the property last February and at that point, we re-branded into a botanical garden, where we brought in a design team to build upon what was already here. We are now offering events and festivals, and top-notch bands, which bring in, anywhere, from 1800-2100 people. The property consists of 30 acres; 12-15 which are developed. We will continue to grow and develop those additional acres as well.

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens, Fallbrook. Cafe Bloom, organic cafe

Cafe Bloom organic cafe at Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens & Nursery.

What are your visions for the property?

With the re-branding, we wanted to create a “destination” point for Fallbrook. We love this town – the people, the beauty, the ancient oaks, the outdoor living aspect – and we felt that Myrtle Creek was the perfect place for that. After we came up with the “destination” idea, things began to take off. We are hearing such great feedback from customers. And, we have many customers coming from the north – Orange and Los Angeles counties -this is the perfect place to get away for the day.

Rescue goat at Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens

One of two rescue goats who have joined the Myrtle Creek family recently!

What types of unique aspects will customers find at Myrtle Creek?

Many of the plants and trees you see for sale are grown here on the property. If we have to special order from outside our nursery, we make sure we order from local nurseries. We also make sure to deal with businesses that utilize environmentally and sustainable practices . We are educating our customers so that they not only take a plant home, but they also have an experience while they are here – that is what makes us especially unique.

There has been quite a bit of work done on the property lately. What are some of the new attractions?

We have an organic cafe where all the food comes from a farm-to table company, the bottom floor of the Sherman plantation-style home will be opened up for tours, our concept gardens, a pavilion where events for up to 250 people can be used, speciality community events such as yoga retreats, and many other scheduled events. We are very excited about our Farm House Christmas (started November 1), where lounge seating will be brought in as well as fire pits and of course, our Christmas trees and garland, which we’re known for. There will be lots of music and entertainment to go along with that too!

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery is located at 2940 Reche Road, Fallbrook, California.

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